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Okay, this is a community dedicated to Lord Of The Rings. We accept posts on anything LOTR-related:
the books, films, actors, icons, layouts, graphics, fanfic, news, pictures, anything related to LOTR!

We are currently holding a once-fortnightly icon making contest, and are experimenting with fanfiction writing and captioning contests.

1) Items must be related in some way to LOTR. And not distantly. Things related to the actors, such as other films (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Hidalgo, Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind) are not allowed, sorry!

2) No flaming, or trolling. (Leaving nasty comments for no real reason, or unduely harsh criticism.) ALSO no anonymous notes (at least, of the nasty variety, if you don't have an LJ fair enough).

3) Any long entries behind cut tags, please! (To find out how to do this, see the LJ FAQ.)

4) In terms of fancfics, please don't post the whole thing, just a reasonable amount - say the first chapter (depending on chapter length!). You can then link to a site such as fanfiction.net for the rest of the fic. And also put it behind a cut tag please!

5) Anything which might offend readers (ie slash) behind a cut tag with a warning please!

6) No hotlinking pictures or stealing work without crediting the graphics makers. If you want your icons creditted, please say so when you post them!

7) Please post multiple icons in a single post, rather than posting each icon in a separate post. If you have a lot of icons to post, put them behind a cut tag, with a few teasers if you wish. (Although if you have a lot, for example 100, feel free to do two or three posts!)

That would be all!











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